Cell Meter Intracellular NADH NADP

Product information “Cell Meter (TM) Intracellular NADH / NADPH Flow Cytometric Analysis Kit”

Ex: 540 nm.

Em: 590 nm.

Detection of intracellular dihydro-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NADH and its phosphate ester NADPH is important for disease diagnosis and drug discovery. In general, the redox pairs NAD / NADH and NADP / NADPH play critical roles in energy metabolism, glycolysis, the tricarboxylic acid cycle, and mitochondrial respiration.

Increased level of NAD (P) H in cells is related to abnormal production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and DNA damage. However, due to the lack of a sensitive NAD (P) H probe, it has been a challenge to detect intracellular NAD (P) H in biological systems. The Cell MeterT Intracellular NADH / NADPH Flow Cytometric Analysis Kit provides an efficient method to monitor the level of intracellular NAD (P) H in living cells.

The JZL1707 NAD (P) H sensor has been developed as an excellent fluorescent probe for detecting and imaging NADH / NADPH in cells. The probe binds to NADH / NADPH to generate a strong fluorescence signal with high sensitivity and specificity. The JZL1707 NAD (P) H sensor can be easily loaded into live cells and its fluorescence signal can be conveniently monitored using a flow cytometer in the PE channel.

Provider: AAT Bioquest

Provider-Nr: 15291


  • Application: FC, FC
  • Format: dried

Handling and safety

  • Storage: -20 ° C (protect from light)
  • Shipping: -20 ° C (International: ° C)
  • Signal word: Warning
  • P phrases: P304, P312

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