Top 10 side effects of the corona vaccine

Have you had a corona vaccine? And what were the side effects? Everyone is talking about it, but what do we know about the side effects of these new vaccines? The side effects center Lareb keeps track of the reports about the four corona vaccines on its website. Read more about the latest developments here.

Some 6.4 million corona vaccines have now been given, according to the corona dashboard. Thanks to the reports of side effects, more have become known about which complaints you can get after a shot. Based on the reports, the Lareb side effects center has made a top 10 of the most common side effects of the four corona vaccines together. The good news: these symptoms are usually mild and recover within a few days of vaccination. If necessary, paracetamol can relieve symptoms.

The top 10 side effects

  1. headache (27,259 reports)
  2.  not feeling well (26,454)
  3. muscle pain (25,713)
  4. fatigue (24,327)
  5. chills (23,783)
  6. fever (17,738)
  7. joint pain (13,785)
  8. nausea (13,388)
  9. puncture site reactions, such as pain (17,438)
  10. swelling (6,595) and warmth (6,321) at the puncture site

These side effects were already largely known from the studies on the vaccines. In addition, a few new side effects have also been discovered since it is widely given to the population.

The vaccine from Pfizer/BioNtech (Community)

This vaccine has been given 3.4 million times and there have been 15,563 notifications, on the last reference date of the Lab (April 25). New side effects include extensive swelling at the puncture site, diarrhea, vomiting, and hives. These side effects have been added to the package leaflet. The extensive swelling at the puncture site may extend beyond the shoulder or elbow. Treatment is not necessary. Diarrhea and vomiting may occur within days of vaccination. Hives (or hives, or urticaria) also usually develop within days of vaccination, according to Lab.

The vaccine of AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria)

This vaccine has been given about 1.3 million times. 22,439 reports of possible side effects were made to Lareb on the last reference date. Twelve reports concerned the new thrombosis side effect: the combination of a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) and extensive thrombosis. This rare side effect is included in the package leaflet. The symptoms started 7 to 20 days after vaccination. In the Netherlands, reports of this side effect have been made in 11 women and 1 man, aged 23 and 65, according to Lareb.

Moderna and Janssen’s vaccines

The Moderna vaccine has been given to 300,000 people and the Janssen vaccine to ‘only’ 9,000 people on the last reference date of the Lareb. As with the AstraZeneca vaccine, a low platelet count can occur with the Janssen vaccine, in combination with extensive thrombosis, according to the package leaflet of the Janssen vaccine. This was the reason for the American authorities to stop the vaccination with Janssen. Lareb has not received any reports of this so far.

First shot or second shot

Does the first shot have more side effects than the second shot? Omroep Max has tried to find out, but the Lareb has not yet been able to give a conclusive answer. The first data seem to indicate that the vaccines Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna cause more side effects with the second shot and that AstraZeneca has more side effects with the first shot. Janssen is only given once.

Another side effect?

Did you suffer from another complaint after the vaccine? Report it to the Lareb. Without notifications, it is not quickly clear whether it is a side effect or not. It is also possible to participate in the study into side effects after corona vaccination, you can register up to two days after the injection.

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